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Deceased (devoured by Piranhadon)

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Thompson M1928

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Crew of the Venture


This individual was a sailor who worked on the SS Venture.


This individual was a sailor on the SS Venture who was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (not knowing that the ship was actually heading to Skull Island). During the dance he beat a drum while Choy sung Mhairi's Wedding and enjoyed watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy dance together.

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The sailor shooting during the Ferrucutus Attack.
Crewman 5 - Raft.JPG
The sailor on the raft in the swamp.

He went with most of the crew to search for Ann after her kidnapping and survived through the many dangers of the island until the group crossed the swamp. The rafts were attacked by a Piranhadon, spilling them into the water and forcing them to swim to shore. The sailor was the last person to make it to the shore, but at the last second with safety in his grasp, the Piranhadon snatched him up, shaking him violently as he screamed in terror and dragging him under the water to devour him. Denham filmed his death, while checking to see if his camera was still working. He was the third and final crewman to be killed by the Piranhadon.

The sailor is snapped up by the Piranhadon.

Behind the scenes

  • The crewman was portrayed by Stephen Hall in the Peter Jackson's 2005 version of King Kong.
  • His death was cut from the theatrical version of the movie (as the whole swamp attack scene was cut) but can be seen in the extended edition of the movie.
  • Stephen Hall had also work with Todd Rippon, Chirs Bailey, Crawford Thomson, Ray Woolf, and Matthew Chamberlain in Hercules and Xenia as different characters.


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