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Pacheco (?)
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Deceased (devoured by Piranhadon)

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Thompson M1928

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Crew of the Venture


This individual was part of the crew of the SS Venture on the expedition to Skull Island.


The sailor paddling at the edge of the raft.

The sailor was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (never telling him and the other crew that he was actually going to Skull Island). He along with the rest of the crew helped try to remove things to keep the ship from sinking before Ann Darrow's kidnapping. He later was among the group of the crew to search for Ann and survived the dangers of the island until reaching the swamp. 

The Piranhadon devours the sailor before he can swim to shore.

A Piranhadon attacked the sailor's raft, spilling him into the water and forcing him to swim to the shore. Unfortunately, he was devoured from below by the massive fish, futilely reaching from between its teeth. He was the second person to be devoured by the Piranhadon.

Behind the scenes[]

The sailor, portrayed by David Dengalo, paddling on the second raft.

This crewman was portrayed David Dengalo.


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