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Real name George hamilton

Deceased (Squashed by Brontosaurus foot)

Age 35

Richard Kavanagh.

The Venture rescue-party run for their lives in the dino-stampede. Richard Kavanagh being in front. Jed Brophy can be seen on left side.

This individual was part of the crew of the SS Venture on the expedition to Skull Island.


The man was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (never telling him and the other crew that he was actually going to Skull Island). He is seen a few times during the Journey, he is first seen getting the ship running, working on deck, watching one of Ann's scenes being filmed, and is watching Ann and Jimmy dance, much to the Crew's enjoyment. He along with the rest of the crew helped try to remove things to keep the ship from sinking before Ann Darrow's kidnapping. He later was among the group of the crew to search for Ann. This man is the first to be killed in the search-group in the dino-stampede, being smashed against the ground underneath one of the dinosaurs feet. He became the fourth to die on the expedition.

The foot about to squash the man

Behind the Scenes[]

This crewman was portayed by Richard Kavanagh.


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