Real Name Gilberto


Deceased (Squashed against wall by Kong's arm)

Age 30 or 40s
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When the remaining crew make their way to the lifeboats, these two fires at Kong. Ultimately they're crushed by Kong against the wall.

This man was part of the crew on the SS Venture.


This sailor was part of the expedition hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually going to Skull Island. He was watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy dance with the rest of the crew and was seen with some of the crew when they were looking a the fog. The man was part of the group on an expedition to look for Ann, but left the party with Bruce Baxter along with Venture Crewman 19, possibility Venture Crewman 16 and Venture Crewmember 9(depending if his death in the deleted scene is canon or not). When Kong attacks the native settlement, he and his comrade: Venture Crewman 19 try to fire at him, but are ultimately killed, crushed by Kong against the cavewall as Kong continues to chase the others.


Behind the scenes

  • He was played by Peter Ford.


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