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Swarming, can latch onto prey
Giant bug
Skull Island
First Appearance:
King Kong (2005 film)
Became extinct when Skull Island sunk into the ocean

Deinacrida rex or Weta-rex, related to the Wetas of distant New Zealand, were huge 2-3 foot long prehistoric crickets that vastly outsize their antipodean cousins. Appropriately dubbed "Weta-rexes", they are ferocious, pack-hunting predators that make their homes in the caves and chasms of Skull Island. Growing up to a meter long, they swarm in huge numbers, and can overwhelm/wear down any prey they come across. They are even capable of shredding the largest dinosaurs to pieces with their shearing mouths.

King Kong (2005 film)[]

They appear in the film swarming around the crewmen of the SS Venture after the crew falls into the Insect Pit. One of them jumped onto and crawled all over Lumpy, and Jack Driscoll pulled it off him, only for it to start attacking him. More Weta-rexes started to jump onto and swarm Jack, and attack Carl Denham and Jimmy. Jimmy was able to fend some off with a stick while Carl hit large swarms of them with an unloaded rifle while fighting some Decarnocimexes. Jimmy picked up a Thompson submachine gun and saved Jack by shooting the Weta-rexes off his body. As more waves of Weta-rexes and other giant insects converged on the surviving crew members, Bruce Baxter swung into the chasm on a vine, mowing down the creatures with his machine gun and forcing the rest to retreat.


  • King Kong (2005 film)
  • Skull Island: Reign of Kong


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