Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century is a 1977 Italian-Canadian adventure monster film directed by Giancarlo Parolini produced by Stefano Film and distributed by Miramax in 1983, another rip-off of King Kong.

Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century
Giancarlo Parolini
Giancarlo Parolini, Mario di Nardo, Wolfranco Coccia, Nicolò Pomilia
Giancarlo Parolini, Marcello Coscia, Mario di Nardo
Antonella Interlenghi, Jim Sullivan, Mimmo Crao, John Stacy, Eddie Faye, Tony Kendall
Music by
Sante Marie Romitelli
Patrizia Ceresani
Release Date
December 23, 1977 (Italy)
November 23, 1983 (US)
Running Time
103 minutes


an iceberg inside an 6-meter tall Yeti an giant cryptid ape monster and casing from an container, by electricity comes to life and awaked. and goes on a rampage in the woods, and gunshot the hand accident and angers the hunters, and calm down by Jane, while eating an giant fish. then arrived in Canada down airlift the Toronto Hotel building and scared by the flashing lights goes berserk from the elevator tried to save Jane down the shaft, saved by Yeti. and suffered Yeti's breathing by bring the oxygen. and escapes the warehouse to chase from kidnapped Jane, then by Cliff to shoot Yeti and rammed by tow truck onto the chest, pulled the truck drags the ground, and stomps Cliff by Yeti's foot, and Jane tells to leaving Yeti to the wilderness.


  • Antonella Interlenghi as Jane
  • Jim Sullivan as Herbie
  • Mimmo Crao as Yeti
  • John Stacy as Prof. Wasserman
  • Eddie Faye as Morgan
  • Tony Kendall as Cliff
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